Your Guy Lost. America’s Not Dead. Let’s Move Forward Together.


I’ve about had it with the naysayers on the right whose tongues are wagging with filth, distaste and in some instances treasonous rhetoric in the wake of President Obama’s re-election. A friend of a friend commented on his Facebook page: “Wouldn’t it be awesome to let the states that went RED be governed by the Republican models and the BLUE states be governed by the Democrats…” She reasoned the Red states would fare better. What she must’ve forgotten – and I was compelled to remind her – was that we already tried that once before; it was called the Confederacy!

What fascinates me is how my friends on the right who fancy themselves dyed in the red, white and blue wool Americans are so fickle in their patriotism. They wave their flags about and sing loud choruses of “God Bless America” until Her institutions run their course and side with the opposition.

Suddenly, what once was a gleeful and boastful chorus of “this land is my land” gives way to a hyperbolic, acerbic and disdainful refrain of “this land is your land.” The sky is falling. Grab your guns. Hide the wife and kids. Bury your gold in the backyard by the dog bone.

I tell you, it’s nothing short of nonsensical at a minimum and pernicious at its very worst.

At one time, you considered the vaunted and venerable Supreme Court a model for nations. Then one day, that same court – led by a conservative Chief Justice – confirmed the constitutionality of Obamacare. At once, the luster was gone, the Justices were activists and the court was broken and in need of repair.

Prior to 2008 and the election a couple days ago, democracy was an elixir we peddled across the globe like traveling salesmen. That’s what we said citizens of the world deserved. However, in our own practice of democracy when the majority of our citizens chose to retain our current president, you spit in the flag’s face and joined the likes of Bill O’Reilly in claiming that “traditional America” no longer exists.

That’s your definition of patriotic? Really?

It’s not like I can’t relate to what you’re going through. I cringed in 2000 and scratched my head four years later when voters elevated George W. Bush to the Nation’s highest office. But not once did I think the republic would dissolve simply because he was presiding.

As it turns out, he did lead us into two wars, deficits and debt leaped higher and the economy teetered on the brink of catastrophe by the time he left office. But not even then did I think or say that America as we knew it was done.

All that’s happened under President Obama’s watch is that there’s been a net positive creation of jobs, housing starts are back up, foreclosures are down, consumer confidence is up, GDP is nothing to write home about but it’s doing better than expected and in that stock market you speak of, the Dow is 50% higher than when Obama became president. In fact, The Wall Street Journal admits, “Half of the S&P 500′s 10 large-cap sectors have outperformed the broad market since Obama took office.”

We won’t even mention that little Osama bin Laden killing thing since it upsets the right so much.

Look, your guy lost. As Bill Clinton might say, I feel your pain. And you’re entitled to feel upset, bitter and disgusted. It’s the one entitlement upon which you and I likely agree. So, let it all out and vent.

But, I’m hoping the vitriol, fear and predictions of gloom and doom – the veiled hatred – are more tongue-in-cheek than head-up-ass.

After we sift through it all, I’m hoping the America you speak of taking back is the same One Nation Under God that I call home, not some back lot movie set fabrication of days gone by. A place where we accept the choice of the majority and respect the rights of the minority, even when the minority includes us.

© Copyright Jonathan Clarke, 2012, All Rights Reserved


One thought on “Your Guy Lost. America’s Not Dead. Let’s Move Forward Together.

  1. One Nation Under God. I once asked Mayor Emanuel Cleaver of Kansas City, a well-respected United Methodist minister, “How can you affiliate with Democrats who are pro-choice?” He said, “I don’t want to go there!” with a slight laugh. My perfect candidate for office was Missour National Guard Maj. Gen. Steve Danner, a pro-life, 2nd Amendment supporting Democrat.


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