An Uncomplicated Life

New Year 2013I’ve matured beyond resolutions. I break too many too soon, too frequently. Instead, I’m spending bits of today assembling the components of my 2013 manifesto, which I’ll base upon the simple principle that LIFE IS NOT COMPLICATED.

 LIFE IS LIFE. How we choose to see life complicates it. And quite often the place we find ourselves is the place we’ve brought ourselves, the sum total of decisions we knowingly chose to make.

Occasionally, life throws curves. It’s uncooperative. It behaves badly. It’s stubborn. It’s downright ornery. Some days it rains when we’d rather see sunlight. Other times the sun shines too brightly for too long when we desperately need rain. Some days are destined for dings, dents, disappointments and despair. In it’s fairest moments life is unfair.

Yet it remains uncomplicated unless complicated by us.

In the coming year, I hope to focus on my essential self – the Jonathan I met in Kindergarten and 1st grade. The person who learned to share his toys, treat others with respect, not to play with anyone who didn’t want to play with me, not to kick somebody because feet were made for walking on, to say please and thank you, to speak when spoken to and listen carefully during the moments in between, to always give mommy and the old ladies some “sugar” cause they were praying for you, to laugh because children are supposed to be silly and to believe Jesus loves me for no other reason than that the Bible tells me so.

The child who once believed all things were possible is the man I would be.

In rediscovering that person, I’ll become a better man and exit 2013 greater than I arrived. That I expect it will be so is uncomplicated enough.

(c) copyright 2012, Jonathan Clarke, All Rights Reserved


2 thoughts on “An Uncomplicated Life

  1. Thanks for sharing your views for an uncomplicated life. It is amazing how much we know when we are young, how well our parents taught us in those days; before the introduction of mindless behavior, non monitored television watching, music with curse words and replacing Dennis as Menace, the world wide web. When we journey and come back to the lowest common denominator, we find simply we knew the answers all along. Thanks for getting us back on track.



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