Post-Racial? Not At All. Not Yet.


I was chatting just yesterday about the necessity of educating my 11-year old around race matters in an era that claims to be post-racial and among a generation indifferent to racial complexities. I was wondering whether sharing my viewpoint would unduly harm her sanguine perspective and dampen any hopes that things indeed had changed.

I guess my face has been rinsed with one final splash of cold water. She and I will need to sit and talk about the realities of race. I’ll be the thief who steals from her pocket the innocence of childhood. Maybe, if we’re lucky, she’ll live to see what I won’t see, the realized dream of a post-racial America, in her children or perhaps even her grands.

Or, just maybe and even more likely, she’ll be having this same talk with her young ones too.


(c) Copyright 2013, Jonathan Clarke, All rights reserved


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