Settle for What You Want

Do not settle copy

On the final track of the Rolling Stones’ 1969 album, “Let It Bleed,” we hear legendary front man, Mick Jagger rip out the axiomatic and infectious hook: “You can’t always get what you want.” As pop prudence goes, that’s real talk. What’s just as real and probably more relevant is this: You can never get what you want when you settle for less than that. So, why not settle for what you want™?

Compared to satisfaction, settling is a cruel impostor. It’s the sheet that covers you on a chilly night when a comforter is what you truly desire. As a simple substitute, the sheet meagerly gratifies you and brings as much insult as it does warmth. Depending on the prevailing wind, it’s either better than nothing or a constant reminder of its own shortcomings – something that leaves you unsatisfied and wanting more.

No, you can’t get what you want always. But, the moment you settle for anything less – relationship, career aspiration, financial goal, physical fitness and more – you’ll most certainly get what you deserve.

-Jonathan Clarke

© Copyright 2014, Jonathan Clarke, All rights reserved


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