When Life Comes Alive, A Mother’s Day Tribute

I’ve wondered how a woman feels during that moment when life comes alive inside her. What’s it like when eternal forces quicken within her just as they have for thousands, upon thousands, upon thousands of years? Is it then that the transformation takes place?

Or is it when first the traveler, from somewhere beyond, flexes and rotates and stretches and kicks within? When her abdomen extends and becomes a dwelling place for that mysterious human being taking shape, is that the moment of transformation?

Is it the moment when last night’s dinner revisits, or when ankles swell, or when breathing becomes labored from walking a few yards with arched back, weighed with the burden of life, is that it? Or is it the PUSH – breathe – PUSH – breathe – PUUUUUSH and unimaginable pain of labor, is that it?

Or is it when finally the heartbeat within rests upon her weary breasts and beats and sees its hosts for the first time — is THAT when a woman becomes a mom?

What’s it like when a woman who had life grow not inside her, but nevertheless in her heart, welcomes a new human being into her life — how does she change?

And how about for those aunties and sisters and cousins and friends, who have no natural or legal claim of motherhood, yet guide and teach and nourish — what happens to them when they realize they too are “mom?”

What’s it like to become a mom?

What’s it like to silently pledge yourself to doing anything and everything for someone else — to wash dishes and scrub floors and do menial tasks to keep a little mouth fed? What’s it like to be a mom? When does that moment occur?

Whenever the transformation takes place, whatever happens when a woman becomes a mother is something magical, something special, something spectacular. It’s something other worldly. It’s something I never can know but always will revere.

To my mom and each of you who has nourished and clothed and wished and hoped and prayed that the young, thankless, misguided, trying, glorious little one of yours grows into someone of substance, I bid the fondest and happiest of Mother’s Days!

-Jonathan Clarke
© Copyright 2014 Jonathan Clarke, All rights reserved

Art: “North Star Quilt” by Diane Britton Dunham


2 thoughts on “When Life Comes Alive, A Mother’s Day Tribute

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