And Now Comes Fall

mountain-sunset-picturesThere was spring, then summer and now comes fall.

Thinking about the passage of time and of life and of the myriad twists, turns and bends life’s road takes. Watching as those, who once walked among us, walk now in places unseen. Listening soon for the rustle and crunch of leaves that will loose their grips on their lofty branches and fall silently brown to the earth.

Do the leaves realize their days perched high in the sunshine are numbered? Do they sense the autumn’s encroaching coolness, and winter’s inevitable stillness? How do they prepare if they do at all?

And what about us: Do we hear the footsteps of fall approaching and conduct ourselves accordingly — treasuring our days in life’s canopy, singing in the chorus of the good? Or do we simply cling to branches on the tree of life and bathe ourselves in the deceptive waters of summer?

Do we see, look, hear and listen — do we live fully and purposefully? Or do we flap about in the wind until we fall?

Let us see, look, hear and listen.

-Jonathan Clarke, September 8, 2014

© Copyright 2014 Jonathan Clarke, All rights reserved


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