Hands Up, Didn’t Shoot: Frein At Last


If nothing else, the capture Thursday of accused cop killer Eric Matthew Frein proved police CAN apprehend dangerous suspects ALIVE. I can’t help but wonder how Michael Brown’s mother must feel knowing heavily armed U.S. marshals took Frein into custody in handcuffs and not a bodybag when he reportedly surrendered with his hands up — this guy who police say ACTUALLY KILLED (not ran from) one trooper and wounded another.

I wonder how Walmart shooting victim John Crawford’s family feels in the wake of this outcome? Toledo police didn’t allow him much of an opportunity to lay down his TOY GUN and peacefully cooperate with them. Did they?

Then I recall how differently the manhunt for suspected cop killer Christopher Dorner ended in Los Angeles last year. Law enforcement cornered him in a cabin, then torched his behind.

Dorner’s manhunt – where the fugitive former police officer carjacked a vehicle and fired on the law – differs from Frein’s, who mostly laid low and disappeared from the grid. And Frien’s capture differs substantially from Brown’s and Crawford’s. So, perhaps it’s a bit careless to compare any one of these outcomes to the other, not to mention draw conclusions from them.

Maybe connecting the incidents in any way is a bit irresponsible.

Be that as it may, I’d be straight up lying (as they say) if I claimed rogue conspiratorial thoughts haven’t already sprinted through my mind and – if only briefly – I’ve made some comparisons, contrasts and connections.

I’m willing to bet I’m not alone in that thinking.

© Copyright 2014 Jonathan Clarke, All rights reserved


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