Inseparable, A Song for Natalie Cole

Natalie Cole Collage“Inseparable.” If you ask me, that’s Natalie Cole’s signature piece.

She had other songs as popular: “This Will Be,” “Unforgettable,” “Take a Look,” to name a few. Those songs are memorable in their own rights. But for my taste, INSEPARABLE, released in 1975, satisfies an all too naive yet reassuring belief that two truly can remain as one.

More than a sentimental love song, INSEPARABLE is a prayer, a hope, an invocation offered up at countless wedding ceremonies throughout the 70s, into the 80s and beyond. It’s the expression of an ideal that often enough outlasts those who dare invoke it.


That’s how we’ll always be


Just you and me

It’s so wonderful

To know you’ll always be around me.♫

How could a love run so deep that it literally renders two people indivisible. How does love become elemental?

 ♪We’re like a flower to a tree

Like words to a melody of love

There’s no way we could break up

No words that could make us blow our thing.♪

 Today, we’ve become accustomed to separation, to break ups, to disappearing and releasing once love’s immediacy evaporates. Surely, Natalie must’ve known as well – even as she breathed life into this timeless literature – that for far too many, endless love ends. Yet her splendid incantation transfixes us just long enough to believe this: Even as others fail our love will stand the test of time.


For the rest of our years

It’s so wonderful

To know you’ll always be around.♫

And though now Natalie is spirited away from us, we agree she’ll always be around.

© Copyright Jonathan Clarke, 2015, All Rights Reserved


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