Donald’s Sound and His Fury. Can You Hear Me Now?

img_6439THE SILENCE IS DEAFENING! Where are the voices that once roared with chants of “EXECUTIVE OVERREACH?!” Where are you who, in times not long past, writhed in apoplectic fits and launched court challenges whenever our last president dared exercise the most basic of his constitutional mandates — the executive order?

How dare you stand by mute as this rogue, small man scrawls his ugly name across our precious parchment and commits this nation to its most vile and un-American posture in generations? Where are the PATRIOTS?

And how about those of you who sat home Nov 8th or recklessly tossed your franchise to 3rd party candidates who hadn’t the thinnest expectation of victory? Where does your flag of principle wave today?

Weren’t you the ones who said your vote didn’t matter? Wasn’t it you who claimed 4 years of Trump wouldn’t irreparably harm us? Four years? How about four months, four weeks, four minutes? You exchanged alternative candidates for alternative facts.

Where are the ones who enrobed this man in the shawl of preeminence and set loose his fury on our land? Where are you hiding today? Why are you mum?

He tried time and time and time again to convince you he wasn’t ready, he was unfit. Yet, you ignored his pleas to bar him from government. And now we collectively get what we “deserve” while you sit in silence — the ones of you who are bright enough to stay so.

To the remainder of you who raise your Stars and Stripes (or Stars and Bars, if you prefer) and lift your hateful voices to cheer on this tyrant, we say: Shut Up and Sit Down. You’ve done enough harm.

Leave us to holler and howl and bellow in peaceful protest. Hush while we sound dusk’s alarm and beckon our rescuers.

Stay out of our way as we try to stay afloat and keep from drowning.

(C) Copyright 2017, Jonathan Clarke All rights reserved


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