If All Lives Matter

Castile Traffic Stop Freeze Frame
If ALL LIVES MATTER, the Castile videos would’ve enraged you. But you’re silent because ALL lives truly don’t. That’s just something you say.‬‬

‪If ALL LIVES MATTER, you’d feel about Castile the same way you feel about Warmbier. You’d be as revulsed by this verdict as you were by O.J’s.‬

‪If ALL LIVES MATTER you’d shout the names Castile, and Martin, and Brown, and Rice, and Sterling, and Garner, and Crawford and – and – and – the whole flippin’ lot of them! – you’d shout about them with equal fervor, and intensity and vigor as you’ve bellowed for years about four other Americans who died in Benghazi. ‬

‪If ALL LIVES MATTER, the NRA would be unhinged right now at how a law enforcer treated this lawful Minnesota gun owner and carrier who did all the right things in his encounter with police and still — lost. His. LIFE.‬

‪Constantly, you become incensed, bristle, chastise, correct, resist, reject the suggestion that anything short of ALL LIVES MATTER is an affront to blue ones, white ones, red ones’ lives.‬

‪But now, this time, you’re conspicuously silent because you never really meant ALL lives truly MATTER. That’s just something you say to mute those of us who say BLACK LIVES do indeed MATTER.

-Jonathan Clarke, June 21, 2017

(c) Copyright 2017, Jonathan Clarke, All Rights Reserved


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