Who Really Believes the President is Taking Hydroxychloroquine?

You know and I know Donald Trump isn’t really taking hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malaria and lupus fighting drug he hails as a coronavirus game changer. For starters, can you fathom any physician — least of all the president’s doctor — prescribing for the patient-in-chief a drug that has been linked to deaths in certain patients and, potentially, could end this particular patient’s life and the physician’s career in one smooth swoop? Sure, the White House doctor publicly may give Trump some air cover. But deep down, you know this claim is false like any number of the daily untruths that effortlessly part the president’s lips.

President Trump tells reporters he’s taking hydroxychloroquine to protect himself from coronavirus

Even if Trump convinced a doctor to write the prescription, can you imagine Trump taking a potentially lethal dose everyday? I don’t see it; that’s too much risk for old Donald John.

Trump doesn’t take risks. The risks he appears to take are fake ones that shed any semblance of peril once you pull back their veneer.

In business, Trump may look like a risk taker. But that’s only because business risks aren’t so risky when stiffing your contractors is your norm and bankruptcy is a viable business practice as it has been SIX TIMES for him.

He’s a risk taker in marriage for sure if you define risk as infidelity. It’s really no risk at all when someone approaches marriages as transactional and disposable as Trump has appeared to.

Friendships are risky with all their emotions and vulnerabilities. But Trump lacks the real emotional and empathetic tool kit one brings to a friendship. Furthermore, he’s disloyal to a tee, conveniently tossing loyal associates beneath the bus at the absolute first sign of trouble. Turning on friends is classic Donald Trump and proof that friendship is loyalty-free and risk-free in his world.

He’d risk your life before he’d risk his. That thousands of his supporters might blindly follow their leader and emulate his apparent recklessness matters not to him.

The risks Donald Trump takes aren’t truly risks at all.

Real risks, life and death ones like going off to war, are nonstarters for folks like DJT. It’s one thing to chance losing a presidential election when merely running for office builds your brand. Conversely, there’s no recovering from death on the battlefield. That sort of permanent, life-altering or life-ending risk is not the kind he takes. He’d take a bone spur before he’d take a bullet.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with that; relatively few of us own the fortitude to make target practice of ourselves. However, most of us also don’t have Trump’s ponderous compulsion for fake bravado.

Trump’s counterfeit bravery is sufficient to make the implausible claim he’s taking a drug that in the very real sense could end his life. But death, we know, would all but guarantee no second term. And that‘s a risk he’ll never take.

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