The Undecided

Following last night’s brawl disguised as a debate, I’m proposing election reform. Specifically, I propose that all UNDECIDED VOTERS be disqualified from voting in the 2020 election. If you still are undecided following last night’s debacle, clearly you lack the mental acuity to cast a vote for President of the United States.

Chaotic moments from first 2020 presidential debate.
Courtesy CNN

The mere fact that you approached the debates expecting to find that last nth of data that could nudge you off the precipice and into that verboten space the rest of us call commitment proves – as Jack Nicholson might bark – YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE VOTE!!!

Going into the debates at this point expecting they’ll help you determine who best deserves to lead the nation the next four years, means you haven’t been paying attention these past four years. It means you’re virtually starting from scratch.

You’re starting from ground zero. You’re effectively letting every single Donald Trump eff-up since January 20, 2017 slide. You haven’t been paying attention, or, despite year after year of this administration, you’ve simply chosen to ignore his lying tongue and disbelieve your lying eyes.
What possibly could Donald Trump have said in last night’s debate or say in either of the next two debates to sway your opinion of his job performance thus far?

Have you so quickly forgotten “good people on both sides?” Have you forgotten the Mueller Report and its myriad details of alleged obstruction of justice, corruption, collusion and potentially impeachable misdeeds? Have you forgotten he actually was impeached for strong-arming a nation and withholding our tax dollars for his own political purposes? Have you forgotten him calling Mexicans rapists? Have you forgotten s-hole countries? Have you missed how he’s violated the emoluments clause? Have you ignored his countless money grabs? Have you forgotten he’s an unindicted co-conspirator in a federal case? Have you simply forgotten the literally thousands of lies he’s daily told since taking office — including him lying about the severity of the coronavirus?

Speaking of the coronavirus, have you missed these past six months how he’s botched every minute of the pandemic? Have you been oblivious to the 200,000 Americans who’ve died while he’s obfuscated, and gaslighted, and misled, and done nothing, and lacked empathy, and mocked masks and his own administration’s medical guidance and pressured states to reopen too soon simply to advantage him?

And not just the pandemic: Have you watched him stoke racial tensions in the wake of George Floyd’s murder? Have you approved of him using law enforcement and the military to squelch protests? Have you seen him refer to BLM protesters as terrorists but have no same such disgust for white militia and supremacists?

Have you watched him kowtow to Putin? Did you miss that he compromised our fighting forces’ security abroad by saying not a single word about Russia placing bounties on the heads of American military men and women in Afghanistan? Of course, that shouldn’t come as a surprise since we’ve also learned — and apparently, you’ve forgotten or dismissed — that he’s called folks who serve in the military “losers” and “suckers.”
I suppose if I were to dismiss all of that, I too could go into the debating season pretending that Trump and Biden are on equal footing. I could buy into some false equivalency of them both being out of hand last night talking over and insulting each other.

I guess if I too turn a blind eye to the death, destruction of norms — to the it-is-what-it-is-ism — I, like you, could be somehow undecided. But, I’ve seen too much to wallow in final hour indecision.

Truth is you’re not so undecided either. You’ve simply decided none of the chaos matters.

(c) Copyright 2020, Jonathan Clarke, All Rights Reserved

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